Pulaski County Tax Auction Leads to Deed Recommendation

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County will have to spend a small amount of money in order to provide a deed to the individual buying county-owned land.

Attorney Kevin Tankersley says the property, described only as “railroad property,” was sold at tax auction. Before a deed can be given to the winning bid, however, a legal description is needed to complete the document. Currently the site is missing that description.

Tankersley says it’s unknown why the legal description was never completed.

“No surveyor has ever been out there and staked it off,” says Tankersley. “We sold it because it was a parcel, we sell parcels at tax sale and nobody ever looks a the legal [descriptions] and like I said, this is a rare circumstance.”

The land is currently parceled but, according to the County, a surveyor has not been made available to measure the land and provide a description for it.

Currently Pulaski County Surveyor Jenni Keller is not a licensed Surveyor, meaning the County will now hire an outside company to complete the task. Funds exist for the payment, but where the monies will come from was under question on Monday evening.

Commissioner President Larry Brady says there is money in the Commissioners accounts.

“There’s probably about $6-thousand there. Jenni, the Surveyor’s office, has monies in her Paraprofessionals [account]. It’s still coming out of County money, it’s just a matter of deciding which budget to come out of,” says Brady.

The sale will get the property back onto the tax rolls. The Commissioners say they will pay the bill out of their fund, but any excess monies will be paid out of the Surveyor’s Professional Services Fund.

That recommendation was approved unanimously.