Released Convicted Murderer Saw Unrelated Charges Dropped in Pulaski County

DOBESKIA man recently released from prison, and convicted of murder and child molesting, has a history in the Pulaski County Court system.

67-year-old Richard Dobeski was let out of an Indiana Department of Corrections Facility in New Castle this month. He was convicted on two counts of murder dating back to 1965.

The LaPorte County Sheriff’s Department has advised that Dobeski has, since his release, begun residing in LaPorte county. In a news release over the weekend, authorities say he has seven days to register as a sex offender.

Dobeski’s history in the court system even reaches into Pulaski County. In 2007, he was charged by the State of Indiana with a Class C Felony Count of Attempted Criminal Confinement. The arrest followed the issuance of a search warrant.

According to Dobeski’s Chronological Case Summary, he was found indigent by the courts and appointed Daniel P. Murphy as his defense attorney. Murphy now serves as the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney.

Murphy confirmed that an individual can only be charged with Criminal Confinement if they allegedly hold a person without consent. The felony system has since been changed to levels, but at the time, a Class C Felony is applied only if the victim is under 14 years of age at the time, or if the alleged incident was committed using a vehicle. Dobeski attempted to lure three young boys into his car in Monterey, according to then-Sheriff Mike Gayer. The youngsters ran home and told their parents, who drove around town and located him, wrote down his license plate number, and called the sheriff’s department.

Investigators from Pulaski County tried to find him at a trailer park in Westville. Gayer says Dobeski wasn’t home, but neighbors advised boys and girls from the neighborhood frequented his house. Officers got a search warrant for the trailer and recovered evidence used to convict him of child molesting and child exploitation in LaPorte County in 2008. The lesser charges in Pulaski County were subsequently dismissed since the LaPorte County offenses carried a more strict punishment.

Dobeski was later arrested and convicted on Child Exploitation and Child Molesting charges in 2008 according to LaPorte County authorities.

In their release, law enforcement officials stated Dobeski has not been charged with a crime, but said they wanted to inform the public about the release.