Starke County Bicentennial Committee Awaiting Torch Route Approval

Indiana BicentennialThe proposed route through Starke County for travel of the Indiana Bicentennial torch in October of 2016, has not yet been confirmed. Starke County Committee chairperson, Councilman David Pearman, says the routes are being confirmed by the state committee, county by county, according to the order of torch travel. Starke County is near the end of the route.

The torch’s proposed local route includes travel up the Yellow River in a Native American canoe to Wythogan Park in Knox. Preliminary plans call for a county-wide “Festival” to be held in the park on the day of the torch’s arrival.

The preparation of place mats to promote the Bicentennial torch’s travel into Starke County was discussed at a Tuesday meeting. A list of county-related images and art is being reviewed by the committee for possible inclusion on the place mat.