Starke County Commissioners Adopt Purchasing Policy

starke-county-courthouseStarke County government now has a purchasing policy in place aimed at supporting local businesses and ensuring greater oversight into expenditures. The policy adopted by the commissioners Monday night prohibits departments and officials from opening any retail accounts without authorization by the commissioners granted in a regular board meeting. If any accounts are approved, they will be in the name of Starke County Government.

Existing departmental accounts will be transferred to the county, and the two established accounts at Sears will be consolidated into one for the county. This will allow any department to shop at the local store and charge purchases to the county. The policy also gives preference to local businesses for purchases as outlined in state law. Furthermore, it encourages anyone buying supplies and equipment for the county to do so locally and allows purchases from local vendors with a price of up to 10 percent over that of retail and department stores without a local presence.

The policy also states the county commissioners have the sole authority to open and oversee any and all county charge accounts and reaffirms that personal use of accounts is prohibited by county officials, employees and all agents and consultants of the county.

Click Starke County Purchasing Policy for details.