Starke County Commissioners Reaffirm Support for Redevelopment Commission

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Commissioners hope to revive the long-dormant county redevelopment commission by appointing new members. It was established in 2006 to oversee a tax increment financing district set up by the county as part of the effort to bring Sysco to Hamlet.

Tax increment financing, or TIF, districts allow property tax money generated in a specific area to be recaptured for infrastructure improvements in the area. By doing so, the land becomes more attractive to other potential business and industrial tenants. The five parcels of land in the Sysco TIF district have generated $15,427.71 for the county. That money is receipted by the auditor and parked in a special account.

The commissioners previously discussed disbanding the redevelopment commission but decided to keep it in place so it will be easier to establish any future TIF districts should the need arise. They will appoint three members and a non-voting advisor from the Oregon-Davis School Board at their mid-July meeting. The county council will make the remaining appointments to the redevelopment commission.