Starke County Commissioners to Discuss Employee Grievance Tonight

starke-county-courthouseThe Starke County Commissioners will discuss a grievance filed by an employee they fired at their last meeting when they meet tonight. Terry Turner was relieved of his duties as county veterans service officer on June 15. After the meeting, president of the commissioners Kent Danford said he has received several complaints about Turner’s job performance.

Turner filed a grievance against the commissioners on June 19 challenging his termination. In it he claims Danford never gave him an oral or written warning about any improper actions and asks for a list of community members and veterans who have complained. Turner also takes exception with commissioner Don Binkley’s comments that veterans are not able to contact him because he does not have a county email address.

Turner claims, “the action by the commissioners violated all the handbook steps” and states that unless Danford’s accusations are proven the commissioners action in dismissing him is slander. He adds there is also a possibility his removal and replacement is a civil rights violation related to age discrimination.

His grievance asks that he be reinstated as service officer and be given any lost pay. Turner also asks Danford to either resign or issue a public apology. Click Terry Turner Grievance to read a copy of his filing.

The county commissioners met in executive session last week to discuss the grievance. However, any action must be taken in a public meeting. Tonight’s session starts at 6 p.m. at the annex building.