Starke Election Board to Review Polling Place Change in Hamlet

Hamlet Fire StationThe Town of Hamlet wants to move their polling site to a newly constructed facility.

During Monday morning’s Starke County Election Board meeting, the request was reviewed. The Election Board says that although Hamlet has already voted on the move, the change must also be approved at the County level.

Starke County Clerk Vicki Cooley says a representative committee must now be formed.

“I believe we have to find a handicapped and elderly person,” says Cooley. “Basically a committee to go out there to check it. A final decision on if it’s going to be moved is up to County Commissioners.”

Hamlet wants to use the newly constructed Fire Department Facility to host Town voting locations.

In order to finalize the change, the Election Board must make a recommendation. They, along with the Starke County Commissioners, have until 29 days prior to the election to decide whether to approve the change.

According to information available during the meeting, certain polling provisions have to be met. Chief among them is handicapped accessibility. Board member Dan Bridegroom says it’s important to have the review completed correctly.

“It’s the commissioners responsibility to do it, but this board has done it forever,” says Bridegroom. “And to me, we’re the ones that, if it’s wrong, it going to come down on; so I just assume we should do it.”

The committee will visit the sight in the near future. Starke County Clerk Vicki Cooley says she wants to complete the task sooner rather than later.