Winamac Fireworks Moved From Town Park to School


Residents of Winamac will be traveling to a new location to view this year’s fireworks show.

The July 4th celebration is organized through matched donations and typically hosted in the Winamac Town Park. Due to flooding that is affecting the grounds, the fireworks show will now be held at the school in Winamac on the practice fields.

Organizer Scott Roudebush says space is limited in Winamac.

“We were looking for an open space with some room that looks like we’d be able to shoot fireworks off. We’re really kind of limited in space and places to be able to do that,” says Roudebush.

The change in location will not affect the fireworks show, itself. It takes the professional company on a few hours to set-up the equipment necessary to ready the display.

This is the first time the fireworks show has not taken place at the Town Park in a number of years.

Prior to moving the show, Roudebush was working to ensure that the school gave the show the okay and that proper insurance had been readied.

He says the location is still high quality.

“You can see these from about anywhere in Winamac so you don’t have to come to the school or anything like that, you can see them from just about anywhere,” says Roudebush.

A bit more was spent this year on the show than in year’s past.

The fireworks will start at dark, around 10:00 EDT.