WKVIdol Final Call!

wkvidolAspiring young singers throughout the Kankakee Valley have until the close of business hours tomorrow to enter the second annual WKVIdol competition. Kids ranging from ages 7 through 18 have the chance to showcase their talent during this singing competition scheduled for Monday, July 13 at 8 pm in the show arena at the Starke County 4-H fair.

After achievement royalty is announced, the three groups divided by age will perform their selected piece of of music in front of the audience and judges. Children whose ages range from 7 to 10 will compete in the youngest group, the middle group feature kids between 11 and 14 and the oldest group will be teens aged 15 through 18.

In order to apply you must first submit a demo singing sample as well as all your contact information such as your name, address, email and phone number. Your sample should be no longer than one minute and can be sent through email to wkvidol@wkvi.com, CD audio or an mP3 file. If selected, there’s a chance your song may already be chosen by another so as a part of your entry include your top three family friendly songs you’d like to sing in order of preference.

Submitting a demo gives WKVI permission to play all or part of it on the air. It could potentially be used to promote WKVIdol prior to the competition. Remember, you only have until tomorrow to get your entry in so don’t hesitate!