Appointment Errors Lead to Swift EMA Changes

Pulaski County CourthouseSome major changes were implemented to the Pulaski County Emergency Management Agency Board, Monday evening.

The Pulaski County Commissioners felt it necessary to make the changes after a review of Indiana Code. State law was being reviewed following the resignation of EMA Director Larry Hoover.

Pulaski County Attorney Kevin Tankersley says he informed officials about the coming changes.

“I sent an e-mail out to Commissioners, Council, and current EMA Board that [the EMA board’s] appointments are in error,” says Tankersley.

Job candidates for the EMA Director position would need the recommendation of the EMA Board prior to final approval by the County Commissioners.

According to Tankersely, however, those appointed to the board do not reflect what is written in statute.

Those serving must consist of the County Commission President, County Council President, a representative of the incorporated Towns and a private or public body that could be of use to the EMA Department. The Health Department was recommended to fill that role.

Tankersley says that the board must be compliant.

“It’s probably an inconvenience and a little bit of a shock to the people that were on the board, although they didn’t really meet that often who, for lack of a better term, had the carpet pulled out from under them, but you can’t just recognize a board that isn’t properly formulated under the statutes,” says Tankersley.

To remedy the situation, the County Commissioners voted to dissolve the current EMA Board, appoint the representatives outlined in state law, and bring Pulaski County’s EMA ordinance into compliance with the state law.

The motions were passed unanimously.