Bicentennial Commission Approves Pulaski County Legacy Project

200The Indiana Bicentennial Commission oversees the planning and execution of a statewide celebration for Indiana’s 200th birthday. On the final day of July they held a meeting where more than fifty Legacy Projects were deliberated. Pulaski County’s Legacy Project was among those that received the commission’s approval.

The proposed Pulaski County project will be a portion of The Northern Indiana Power from the Past Antique Power Show. They will present a special exhibit showcasing 200 years of Hoosier farming. The exhibit will start the participant in 1816, the dawn of Indiana’s statehood, and move through 200 years of agricultural history.

The interactive display will be divided into four segments representing 50 years each and will demonstrate significant events, farm life and technological advances surrounding Pulaski County and Indiana’s agricultural heritage.

Indiana’s 2016 Bicentennial celebration aims to honor two centuries of our state’s history in a way that engages all 6.5 million Hoosiers. The commission encourages every community in Indiana to participate in this unique celebration so that it leaves a legacy for future generations. If your organization would like to create a Legacy Project for the Bicentennial celebration, please contact your local county coordinator Krysten Hinkle by calling (574)-946-3869 or through email at Legacy Project ideas can also be proposed at the next local Bicentennial meeting on Wednesday, August 19th in the Winamac Municipal Utilities Complex at 3:45 pm Eastern.