Blueberry Bicycle Cruise First Weekend of September

bbcEveryone knows the start of September marks the beginning of the annual Blueberry Festival in Marshall County. But did you know Ancilla College sponsors a bicycle race in conjunction with the fest? It’s called the Blueberry Bicycle Cruise and it’s open to anyone who wants to get moving this labor day weekend.

On Saturday, September 5 bicyclists have the opportunity to ride a couple different routes. There’s the special family tour of 16 miles to the Chief Menominee Monument, then there are three other routes covering 31, 41 or 62 miles. Helmets are mandatory and must be worn by riders at all times. The BBC will be held rain or shine so be prepared the day of with proper clothing.

Be prepared to handle any routine repairs such as flat tires on your own. If you find yourself in some trouble, don’t fret, support and gear crews will be traversing the routes during the day to handle breakdowns and emergencies. SAGs will also have food and drink at designated spots. The cruise has won wide acclaim for being well organized and scenic with outstanding SAGs.

The starting point for the BBC will be at the Menominee Elementary School in Plymouth. Riders are permitted to leave starting at 7 am. Those embarking on the longest route must depart by 10 am. Ancilla asks for all riders to be off the routes by 4 pm.

Registration begins at 6 am and will run until 11 am. However, register beforehand by visiting the Blueberry Bicycle Cruise event page on the Ancilla College website. The cost for one rider is $20, the family cost is $35 and the couple cost is $40. The sooner you register, the better, because after Friday, August 21 the price for registration increases. All proceeds collected from the cruise will assist Ancilla College.