Blueberry Festival Needs Volunteers to Make Event Happen

Blueberry-Logo-2012The Marshall County Blueberry Festival is right around the corner, but organizers say they can still use your help with setting up.

President of the Marshall County Blueberry committee Jim Nolan says the festival’s volunteers are fantastic, but there’s always room for more help, “If you’ve got an hour, if you’ve got a couple hours, I don’t care. We don’t care. If you come in the morning, we start usually at eight o’clock, and we feed you for dinner. If you come after work for a few hours, we’ll still be here pounding posts and putting up fence and signage and different things like that.”

He says there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, “We start on the 29th setting up for the Blueberry. We work all week. I’m talking about 12, 14 hours a day of putting up fence. We probably put up 2,000 posts we pound in the ground and how many feet of fence we put up.”

The festival starts Friday September 4 and runs through Labor Day. For more information, visit