Crime Statistics Provided to Winamac Town Council

Winamac Town Hall
Winamac Town Hall

Winamac Town Marshal Mike Buchanan told the town council Monday evening that July calls to the police department and accidents reported were up from previous months.

The Town Marshall disclosed that more than 80 written and verbal warnings were issued for various reasons. Several arrests were made and the case load increased in July. The police department filed theft reports for the town on three individuals and charges were filed with the prosecutor’s office.

Aside from receiving Buchanan’s report, The Council heard a request from Josh Wilder regarding the cancellation of the Power from the Past show this year. Since the show was canceled on account of park flooding, logs went uncut and wheat went un-thrashed. Wilder asked the council for permission to use the park at the end of September starting on the final Friday to set up and then using the remainder of the weekend to cut the logs and thrash the wheat.

So far the park manager has not been notified so availability is unknown. However it will not interfere with the 4-H Tractor pull scheduled for the first weekend of September. The Council unanimously agreed, that given the lack of interference, the park could be utilized the last weekend of September by the Power From the Past.