Culver Considers Permit Fees for Large Events

culver town hall

The Town of Culver could soon develop a permit for special events requiring a police presence.

An ordinance outlining a possible fee schedule was introduced during a meeting Monday night. That ordinance, if adopted, would assess fees for events over a certain size or time limits. Permits would only be issued for events requiring the use of public property.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says the process would be simple for those interested in using the service.

“Whoever wants to hold the event would need to come to Town Hall, fill out the application that you have here, all the department heads would have a chance to review it and sign-off on it, and then it would come to Town Council for approval,” says Leist.

The Town Council previously discussed the possibility of requiring permits for private parties on private property over a certain size limit. That idea was nixed.

Under the ordinance reviewed by the Town Council on Monday, three permits would be developed. One would require no fees and is designed for use by non-profit entities. The others would be large events requiring a police department or street department presence over one or multiple days. The fees would be either $100 or $250, depending.

Town Council President Ginny Bess Munroe says the Town needs a better way to manage schedules for large events.

“A lot of times there are road closures involved, or there’s mass population showing up in Town and your police department needs to know about it and your EMS is often there,” says Munroe.

The Town of Culver has considered a permit fee for a number of years.

The ordinance will be brought back for a public hearing and possible first hearing at their next meeting.