Eastern Pulaski School Board Unanimously Approves Roofing Contract Proposal

 During their meeting Monday evening, the Eastern Pulaski School Board unanimously approved a a roofing contract with Insley Systems Inc. Gibraltar Design Inc. has been the main construction consultant for the corporation during their building renovations. Certain projects are out of Gibraltar’s wheel house so they make recommendations for special projects. They submitted a proposal to the board for Insley to tackle the roofing project.

Superintendent Dan Foster vouched for the company and displayed his support, “I think it will be well within our budget of the estimate so we recommend going forward with Gibraltar’s recommendation of Insley System for the first portion of the roofing project.”

The corporation initially estimated the roofing project would cost more than $700,000. Five bids were submitted. Insley Systems had the lowest bid at $384,000 plus an additional $20,000 included for potential drain work. Even with the alternate bid added, Insley’s offer is well below the school’s approximation. Thanks to unanimous board approval Insley Systems was awarded the subcontract.