Eastern Pulaski School Board Votes to Change Banks


According to Eastern Pulaski Community Schools’ Superintendent Dan Foster, the corporation has been having some concerns with their primary financial provider for several months now. Issues included inconsistency, unreliability and an abundance of unnecessary fees.

In order to solve the problem, a proposal was composed and sent out to several potential providers. The current institution did not even reply to the proposal. This led Superintendent Foster to address the school board Monday evening and suggest switching their primary financial institution to one of the two places that did respond.

First National Bank of Monterey and 1st Source Bank were the only two places to answer the corporation’s proposal that was sent out to all area financial institutions. The corporation currently has money at 1st Source, so Foster made that institution his recommendation. The board unanimously agreed to switch their primary financial institution to 1st Source Bank.

The latter half of the meeting was dedicated to building reports, where each school’s principal got a chance to speak on behalf of the progress of their building and express gratitude to the custodial staff and construction workers. Superintendent Foster recognized how difficult this summer has been for everyone involved, “It’s one thing to go through summer projects, it’s another thing to go through summer projects while your school is being torn apart.”

The superintendent then thanked the board, the faculty and the construction staff for their patience and cooperation. The meeting was adjourned and followed promptly by a work session, that went more detail about the building projects.

Superintendent Foster disclosed that the band and choir rooms are complete other than a few minor touch-ups. The rooms in the Agriculture Area have been returned. The corporation initially estimated the first classrooms would not be returned until September, so in that respect they are ahead of schedule.

Throughout the school year, work will continue, so some teachers and classes will have to be relocated. Maps with areas being worked on will be provided so the superintendent is optimistic about little disruption. The work session concluded with the board taking a quick tour around campus to see the progress that has been made over the course of the summer.