Knox Schools Await DLGF Rates Prior to Forming Capital Projects List

Knox-School-Board-2014The Knox School Board will be awaiting decisions by the Department of Local Government Finance prior to finalizing a capital improvements list.

During Monday night’s Knox School Board meeting, Superintendent A.J. Gappa shared the proposed budget for the Capital Projects Fund in fiscal year 2016. The DLGF sets a fixed rate capping the level of funds garnered through the property tax levy.

Gappa says a list of projects has not yet been finalized.

“When they set the rate for us, and they send it back, it’ll be less money,” says Gappa. “So at that point, then you determine: okay, if we were going to try and do a, b, and c, what are the priorities and stuff like that?”

As with neighboring school corporations, Knox Community School Corporation’s budget is put on display with the tax rate advertised at an increased level. That ensures maximum revenue is received. The DLGF typically sets a lower rate – which could ultimately limit the projects.

According to Gappa, the School Board has considered a few capital improvements, such as repairs to the roof at Knox High School. He says plans can change, though.

“We have to wait and see how much money we have and then wait and see,” says Gappa. “Because sometimes emergencies arise and that changes your plans as you go.”

Principals from all three schools shared information with the school board about the return to classes.

The elementary school will be working with a reading theme of “Reading is your Superpower” to help improve classroom instruction.