Memorial Bench Approved for former Eastern Pulaski Superintendent

harrycordsThe Eastern Pulaski School Corporation campus will soon have a new bench commemorating the memory of former Superintendent Harry Cords. At the school board meeting Monday evening, one item on the agenda was to approve a $750 donation from the Cords family. Thanks to unanimous approval from the board, the donation was accepted and the board discussed where exactly to place the memorial bench.

Current Superintendent Dan Foster mentioned that Mrs. Cords looked around the campus and saw there were already quite a few benches but left it up to the board to ultimately decide what to do with the donation money.

Superintendent Foster told the board “Obviously we don’t want to put it out there in the middle of nowhere, where nobody would really see it. We’d want to put it in a somewhat prominent place but I think there’s still a few places on campus where we could properly place a bench.”

Council member Larry Beach responded, “I think over there by the Socialtorium would be a prominent place.”

Since suggestion was well received by the rest of the board the decision was reached to place the commemorative bench for the former superintendent by the Socialtorium so students and staff will be able to see it. The board expressed their gratitude for the Cords family and everything that Harry Cords did for the corporation.