N.J.-S.P. Superintendent Responds to ISTEP Delay

test takingThe school year will be half over before corporations know how their students fared on last year’s ISTEP tests. North Judson-San Pierre Superintendent Lynn Johnson says the state has pushed back the release of the scores to December due to issues with the grading of the exams.

Part of it is scored by the vendor, and more of it is done manually. Once the grading is done, a committee has to review the raw data and determine the cut score for the bell curve. Johnson says the test is designed so one-third of students who take it will fail.

The delay is problematic on several levels, according to Johnson. For starters, the compensation of some employees is tied to the test results. Also the timing means corporations likely won’t have time to study their results and put action plans in place until January. This year’s revamped ISTEP tests will be given in March or April.

Johnson shared that information with the North Judson-San Pierre School Board during their meeting Tuesday evening.