North Judson Republicans to Caucus


Plans are being developed after it was learned the Town of North Judson will be hosting a Town Convention.

The decision was handed down by the Starke County Clerk’s office after Jesiah Clemons’ paperwork to run for the North Judson Town Council’s Ward 2 seat as an Independent was rejected. Clemons had previously filed to run as a Republican for the seat, which was accepted by the County Clerk’s office.

Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry says the Convention is not the responsibility of the Town, but that of the individual parties to decide who will be represented.

Multiple attempts to contact Starke County Republican Party Chair Brenda Stanojevic for knowledge of the situation were not returned. Calls to other listed party officials were also not returned.

Candidates for office in North Judson faced an August 3rd deadline to properly file their paperwork to either declare or remove their name from the ballot.

Because more than one Republican is running for the Ward 2 seat, the GOP in North Judson must now caucus for which candidate will represent them in November’s General Election.

Clemons will be squaring off against Republican Wendy Hoppe in the Town Conventions. Joan Haugh has filed to run for the seat as a Democrat.

The winner of the Town convention race will move on to face Haugh in the General Election.