North Judson Town-Wide Yard Sale Today Only!


The North Judson town-wide yard sale is today! More than 50 spots around town and in the outskirts will be hosting their own sales. If you’re looking to have a detailed description of where these sales are located you should pick up one of the maps that are available.

North Judson Clerk-Treasurer Donna Henry explained that they will be provided in various spots around town,”They can pick them up at the town hall, we’ll have them on display in the foyer on the tables and then we’re going to have them at several different businesses. Probably like Heartland Markets, Fingerhut Bakery, probably the restaurants like Route 10 and the Wooden Nickel, different places like that where people frequent.

The maps will display the name of the individual hosting the sale, their address and may even include a few of the big ticket items that will be available. The maps are free to receive. The sale only officially lasts today, so take advantage of all the wonderful items members of the community have to offer.