Online Program Allows Winamac Students Remediation Opportunities

Winamac Community High School
Winamac Community High School

A new program is helping certain students at Eastern Pulaski Schools better learn information if they’ve fallen behind.

According to Winamac High School Principal Rick DeFries the Warrior Academy is an in-house online program that largely focuses on English and biology. If a student has taken a class, and has been unsuccessful, they automatically qualify for the program.

DeFries says they wanted to test the program during its first year in use.

“We intentionally picked out certain students in the building that we knew had the capability to pass and so we met with them, we met with parents and got some contracts signed,” says DeFries.

15 students were enrolled in the online program this year to retrieve a quality sample size under scrutiny. DeFries says they’ve already seen some strong showings from the students enrolled in the program.

The online lesson provides students with a specific time during the day to complete their lessons. That time allows the student to get caught-up with the learning standards set for them.

DeFries says not all students will progress through the lessons at the same time.

“The areas that they’re pretty successful at, they can move forward in very quickly, and the areas that they struggle in, they can take the time to do those as well,” says DeFries.

Program data will be reviewed over the course of one year to determine its viability for the next school year.

Plans are to continue the program if its successful.