Outcomes A Possible Consideration in County Home Auction

Pleasant View Rest Home
Pleasant View Rest Home

No date has been set, but Pulaski County may be hoping for some positive outcomes resulting from an auction planned for the Pleasant View Rest Home.

The County Home, as it’s referred to, ceased operations earlier this year due to budgetary reasons, but also reasons related to the cost of making repairs. The Pulaski County Commissioners recently had the home appraised to better assess what it might bring once listed for sale.

Commissioner Terry Young says a lot of people worked hard to get the County Home placed on a historic register.

“My personal view would be to have something that would benefit the community come out of this,” says Young. “I don’t want it to sit there empty and go down and eventually have to tear it down or something. And I think the sooner we can get rid of it to the right person, the better off everybody will be.”

Young says he hasn’t spoken with the other two commissioners about it, but he says a buyer at auction with a desire to create a benefit would likely be a consideration in the eventual sale of the County Home.

Young mentioned off-hand that similar sites around the country have led to a bed-and-breakfast or a restaurant at the location.

Although it may be a consideration at some point in the future, there is always the chance that the Pleasant View Rest Home could be torn down by the buyer. Young says it would be foolish considering the $50-thousand grant that comes with it.

“Being it’s a historical structure, if someone was to purchase it, and put the money in it, there is up to $50-thousand back to that new owner if they decide to put money in it,” says Young.

The County Home was appraised earlier this year. The hope right now is that Pulaski County government would at least be able to receive the appraisal price.

No date has been finalized at this point for an auction.