Popular Attractions Return to Blueberry Festival

Blueberry-Logo-2012Helicopter rides, a Corn Hole Tournament, and a three-on-three basketball tournament are just some of the attractions at this year’s Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

One of the things returning to the festival is the White Tigers. Dave Caldwell, who’s in charge of the festival’s events, says that event is more than just entertainment, “The thing it is with the White Tigers, it’s very educational for the kids. I mean, how many times do you have an opportunity to see a white tiger and see their habitat and see how they perform different things for them? And it’s only $3 to go see them. The white tigers is something we’ve done research on. We’ve done everything we can for insurance purposes and cats and shots and USDA’s been involved with us, and we’ve done our homework.”

But Caldwell says one of the most popular events is the fireworks, “It’s the best fireworks around this area. We’ve had people from Chicago, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, and they’ve said they have never, ever seen fireworks like Blueberry puts on.”

He expects a good show this year, “The show is going to be better than what it was last year. It’s hard to believe. We always say, ‘How can it be?’ but it always has been. And we have a lot of people come to that fireworks.”

The 49th Annual Marshall County Blueberry Festival is September 4 – 7. For more details, visit www.BlueBerryFestival.org.