Pulaski County Council Finalizes Full-Time Designation for IT Position

Pulaski County CourthousePulaski County may soon have a full-time IT professional.

Following a recommendation by the Pulaski County Commissioners, the County Council met Monday evening with the Commissioners in joint session to potentially finalize the matter. The County currently contracts the Information Technology position, but the individual holding the contract gave notice the service would no longer be provided under contract prices.

Commissioner President Larry Brady says this isn’t something Pulaski County can go without.

“This is one of those positions where people are working behind the scenes and you’re doing fine until that issue comes up and then you’re sweating bullets,” says Brady.

Pulaski County has considered the idea of implementing a full-time IT position for years. The County currently purchases blocked hours when computer repair services are needed.

Affording that full-time position, however, is a different matter. The Pulaski County Commissioners voted 2-1 to make the position full-time. Bud Krohn, Jr. – who was the dissenting vote – said Pulaski County should watch its benefit costs.

The position has already been advertised as available, but doesn’t specify whether the position is full-time, part-time, or a contract gig. Certain funds have already been allotted for the service, but the remaining funds to finish out the year first needed to be found.

Brady says contract positions don’t allow for long-term planning.

“When we have a department head, that’s any department, they’re there to provide us vision into the future,” says Brady. “They’re there to manage day-to-day concerns, etc. etc. run their office, manage their personnel. As I see it, we should treat the IT position the same way.”

Current recommendations involve paying for the position out of the Sheriff’s Department budget, and the Auditor’s line items.

The Pulaski County Council voted unanimously to make the position full-time. Interviews will be taking place in the near future.