Pulaski County Desires Time Frame for Radioville Bowling Alley Demolition


A building ordered to be demolished in Radioville remains standing.

The former bowling alley was ordered to be demolished by December 30th of 2014 after the roof caved in. Pulaski County Building Inspector Dave Dare said at the time that the structure could not be salvaged.

An extension on the demolition was granted, provided the owners construct a fence around the site, and display warning signs about the structure’s lack of safety. Dare says he would like to see a definite time frame for demolition.

“We’re probably going to have to get maybe more aggressive and say ‘we’ve got to have it done in 30 days or 60 days’ or something like that,” says Dare.

Ownership of the site has been reduced down to owner Karen Bruder of LaCrosse since the collapse.

The demolition order extension set a date of April 30th of this year. According to the county, Bruder communicated there was a contractor willing to complete the work. That deal has since fallen through.

The site has been listed for sale with what Dare believes would be a cost relief for Bruder. Still, the demolition order would remain in effect for any new owners.

Dare says he visited the site last week and notes that little has changed.

“There is still the security fence,” says Dare. “There are notices all over it warning that there’s not supposed to be any parking or any entry into it. You know, they did their due diligence at least keeping it as safe as possible.”

Fines or other measures could be taken to encourage the owner to make a decision on the demolition.

Until that time, communication will be ongoing when it comes to finding a contract to help complete the demolition work.