Solutions Being Sought for Trash in Monterey Recycling Drop Site


The Pulaski County Recycling and Transfer Station could soon be discussing recycling efforts with the Town of Monterey.

There are six drop sites around Pulaski County intended for recycling. Household trash is being included with the recycling, causing a time consuming job for workers at the station.

Director Brad Bonnell says the drop sites are brought in on trucks, but dumpsters are used to sort the items.

“When they are mixed with other, non-recyclable items they have to be disposed of and sorted out by hand by the workers here,” says Bonnell.

The Town of Monterey contains one of the six recycling drop sites in the county. Bonnell says the Recycling and Transfer Station is having more trouble with it than the others when it comes to finding trash. He says there is often more trash being disposed than recyclables at the drop site.

Pulaski County intends to contact members of the Monterey Town Council to begin developing solutions to the problem. As of right now, a list has not been developed.

Bonnell says he’d like to see a solution within the next month, but the sooner- the better.

“Each container is labeled that there is cardboard, clear glass, colored glass, tin cans, aluminum cans, number one and number two plastic, newsprint, magazines, and office paper,” says Bonnell. “If it is not related to those products, it is not to be put in there.”

A fix would sharply reduce the amount of time employees are spending sorting trash from recyclable material. Right now, employees at the Recycling and Transfer Station are spending twice the amount of time on the Monterey drop site as the others.

The Pulaski County Commissioners gave their blessing Monday to begin talks with the Town of Monterey in search of a solution.