Starke County Farming Family Featured at Indiana State Fair

Indiana State FairIt’s the “Year of the Farmer” at the Indiana State Fair, and one Starke County family is among those being featured. The Wappels, whose farm is based in San Pierre and is known for its mint crops, are one of 17 families who are being recognized.

Deb Wappel says everyone who works at Wappel Grain & Herb will have a special day at the fair, “We’ll have breakfast with the fair board, a special luncheon, there’s going to be a live farmer interview and chat at the glass barn, sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Growers, and then, we’ll be participating in the parade at the end of the day. And all of our team that work on our farm get the day off so they can go celebrate with us and enjoy the fair.”

She says the recognition’s important for her family, which has been farming for generations. For her sons, farming’s more than just a job, “It is really just in their DNA. They love what they do, and they are actually top in their field, highly technological.”

She says that helps them with the important responsibility of taking care of the land, “They take all the means possible to preserve the land and keep it in the best shape possible because it feeds the world.”

Wappel Grain & Herb farms in five counties, and it’s one of many mint farmers based in Starke County.