Study Says Starke County Gets High Value for Property Taxes Paid

Property-tax-200x150A recent study says Starke County spends its property tax dollars effectively compared with others in the state.

The survey from SmartAsset shows places across the Hoosier State where residents are getting the most bang for their buck. The study includes statistical factors such as school rankings, crime rates, and the property tax levy rate.

Out of the list provided by the survey, Starke County ranks 4th in the state for most effective tax dollars spent. Jay County ranked 1st. None of the counties surrounding Starke placed in the top 10.

Starke County displayed a modest tax rate compared to others on the list. School ratings were also considered relatively low according to the survey. Where Starke County excelled, though, was in the crimes reported per 100-thousand people. The county came in with the lowest crime reported in the top 10.

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