Bass Lake Beach Lessee Request Contract Amendments

Bass Lake CampgroundThe Starke County Park Board may soon be discussing contract amendments with the operator of the Bass Lake Campground.

During Tuesday night’s Park Board meeting, Richard Callahan and his attorney provided updates to the Board on their renovation projects. The enhancements to the site are being paid for by the tenant, with oversight by the Park Board, but are being reimbursed with future rent deductions at the site.

Knox Attorney David Wallsmith represents Callahan. He says there has not been notice from inspectors that there are problems with the improvements.

“We haven’t gotten any report from any inspection made by anyone from any agency and I have haven’t received any notice pursuant to our agreement that there have been any complaints,” says Wallsmith.

Park Board members have experienced difficulty receiving financial reports that are sufficiently readable to grant the deductions on the invoices.

Callahan presented invoices that he could remember and had records for, but Board members wanted the financial information more orderly. Copies of the claims will be made for future consideration.

Apart from continuing capital improvements and maintenance at the site, Callahan and his attorney have requested talks begins over their lessee contract.

“We would like to have a meeting at some point before the end of the season in regard to the contractual terms of the lease. And it involves, I think, a type of interchange in regard to that contract,” says Wallsmith.

Those contract changes are likely to happen in closed session after Wallsmith eluded to the possibility of litigation.

No further action was taken by the Park Board.