Culver Clarifies Nuisance Violations Following Ordinance Adoption

culver town hall

The Town of Culver is attempting to make sure everybody is on the same page when enforcing violations of a newly updated ordinance.

Town Council members approved the amendments to their Nuisance Ordinance in August, specifying grass length and the types of items that are allowed in yards. The administration wanted to ensure they were interpreting the language correctly during a work session meeting on Tuesday night.

Town Manager Jonathan Leist says two of the properties under consideration had already been given a notice of violation.

“I just wanted to go through those with council and make sure we were on the same page as far as what household items should be removed and if there are ones I’m asking them to move that I should be,” says Leist.

The list of items that cannot be kept on lawns is considered pretty extensive, providing around 100 examples of items that aren’t allowed. Leist says there’s little chance for expansion of the list at this time.

Among the challenges Culver is facing, however, is how to define garbage. When a complaint is received by the Town, photographs are taken for review by the Town Council.

Leist says the Council provided a few pieces of advice.

“We did come to, I guess, an understanding on issuing letters on the same properties that had received it in the past and extending the date a little bit to give them a chance to get them cleaned-up,” says Leist.

The number of ordinance violations hasn’t changed drastically since the Nuisance Ordinance was updated. Many of the complaints are generated by residents, themselves.

No action was taken during last night’s Work Session meeting.