Culver School Board Approves Teacher Contracts

Culver Community School CorporationThe Culver School Board has approved teacher contracts for the 2015-2016 school year. Superintendent Vicki McGuire along with four members of the school board were on hand for the special meeting Monday.

McGuire says changes in the new contract include some wording adjustments as well as a few changes in staff positions, “We took out some coaching and some other positions that we hadn’t used in a while, and then we added $200 per dual-credit course for the teachers who teach those dual-credit classes.” However, the contract also adds a few extracurricular positions that didn’t exist previously.

She also says there are a few other adjustments, “We clarified how we will calculate the days, the per-day, and the per-hour pay, as well as the extended-day contracts, how we’ll calculate those out. So we did a little formula there.” McGuire says in the new contract there’s now an 18-hour limit on the amount of time teachers are required to work after their regular school day.

She says the teachers association had approved the contract on Thursday, “Everybody was happy, I guess, as happy as they could be.” The school board’s approval comes ahead of Thursday’s deadline for teacher contracts.