Farm Bureau Targets Specific Policies Ahead of 2016

 The Indiana Farm Bureau has developed a few specifics for state legislators to consider in the 2016 session of the General Assembly.

More than 260 delegates from around the Hoosier State met in Indianapolis this past weekend to discuss priority legislative projects. Included on the list is property tax relief for farmers.

In Indiana, Homestead tax rates are capped at one-percent of assessed value. Farms, however, are capped at two-percent. Calling the property tax levy a burden, Farm Bureau officials say they are supporting legislation that can offer permanent relief for farmers.

Continuing efforts conducted in 2015, the Farm Bureau says members are still focusing on reforms to the annexation process.

The General Assembly passed legislation this year that aids in that effort – something the Farm Bureau supported. Generally, Farm Bureau members believe that the tax caps incentivize municipal bodies to expand their town limits to garner more revenue.

During their meeting, Farm Bureau delegates also considered the possibility of a legislative framework for regulating unmanned aerial vehicles, otherwise known as drones.

Self-admittedly, the Farm Bureau says this may require federal regulations as opposed to a state-by-state approach.

The Indiana General Assembly will return to work in January.