Former Starke Sheriff Sentenced for Invasion of Privacy

 A former Starke County elected official was sentenced Tuesday on charges of Invasion of Privacy.

Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman was serving as a special prosecutor in the case. He says the incident occurred in March of this year after former Starke County Sheriff Oscar Cowen allegedly traveled to his former wife’s workplace in Hamlet. The action violated a previously authorized protective order.

According to information provided by the prosecutor’s office, Cowen is accused of requesting his wife execute a federal income tax form while at her place of work. When she refused, witnesses report Cowen threw a piece of paper at the victim. The incident closed the business operation for a period.

As part of a plea agreement, Cowen pleaded guilty to Invasion of Privacy. The state subsequently dismissed the remaining charges. The plea agreement was approved by Pulaski County Superior Court Judge Patrick Blankenship, who was serving as a special judge in the Starke County Circuit Court for the case.

Cowen was sentenced to one year served at the Starke County Justice Center, all of which was suspended. The former Sheriff was given one year of non-reporting probation, and is required to continue obeying protective order.