Heroin Seminar Coming Up in Plymouth


Heroin in Marshall County is the topic of a seminar later this month in Plymouth.

The Marshall County Committee for a Drug & Tobacco Free Indiana along with the Plymouth Fraternal Order of Police are hosting a seminar called “Heroin Is Here” on September 30. Committee Coordinator Valerie Hite says parents, educators, treatment providers, and everyone else are welcome to take part, “We are having a series of speakers and also a panel, regarding the issue of heroin because it is becoming a problem here in Marshall County.”

She says even though there aren’t many arrests for heroin in the county, treatment providers say people are using it, “They’re providing us information that when somebody comes in for substance abuse treatment, oftentimes during that initial assessment, the client is revealing that it may not have been how they were charged that got them into treatment, but that, yes, heroin has been a substance that they’ve been using on a pretty regular basis, even currently.”

Hite says people need to be more aware that heroin is a problem in Marshall County, “It’s a problem in Starke County and it’s a problem in LaPorte County and it’s a problem in Porter County, so it just keeps moving our way.”

The seminar will be Wednesday September 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Plymouth Wesleyan Church at 11203 S. Michigan Rd. Admission is free, and lunch will be served.

Click here for more information, or e-mail val.hite@gmail.com.