Indiana Sees Rise in Deer Collision Odds


A major insurance company says Indiana drivers are 21-percent more likely to hit a deer than there were last year.

State Farm Insurance says this is the second straight year Indiana has seen the increase. Data is developed using the company’s claims and driver counts from the Federal Highway Administration.

Although the Hoosier state is experiencing considerable increases, State Farm ranks Indiana in the middle of the pack at 23rd, nationally.

While the chances of hitting a deer are 1 out of 142, that’s a long way from the top of the list. West Virginia, the most likely state for motorists to hit a deer, you chances are 1 out of 44. It’s the ninth year in a row West Virginia has topped the list.

Colliding with a deer while on Indiana roads costs an average of $4,100. That’s a six percent increase from 2014.

The months experiencing the most deer activity are mostly limited to the fall and early winter. State Farm attributes the increase in activity to mating and hunting activities.

State Farm recommends drivers use extra caution in deer zones, and wear a seatbelt while driving.