Knox Schools Budget Shrinks

Knox-School-Board-2014The proposed 2016 budget for the Knox Community School System, according Superintendent A.J. Gappa at last night’s board meeting, is $12,805,868. That’s significantly less than the approved budget of $13,219,575 last year. The Board reviewed the 2016 budget in detail. A public hearing is scheduled for September 21st; adoption is expected on October 19th.

One patron present last night asked a few questions about the state’s formula for reimbursement (grants).
Gappa pointed out that the school’s ADA (average daily attendance)determines the amount of money received from the state. He reported that the current student count, as of yesterday, was 1901, up from 1843 in the spring 2015 count. The date for the next count is in February.
Gappa also reported that 87.15-percent of the most recent full-year budget (2014) was expended for personnel.