MPI Official Discusses Contract Negotiations

MPIContract talks are continuing between MPI Products and its employees. A petition was filed with the National Labor Relations Board in 2014 allowing the employees to join the United Steelworkers. Contract talks have been taking place since that time. Officials with MPI say they are meeting with union officials as often as possible to help finalize a first contract.

MPI Human Resources Director Rosanne Desmerais says there are a number of areas that need to be discussed in the contract language.

“We would like to negotiate, or work out, an agreement that is fair so that the employees are satisfied and happy and so that the company can continue to run the plant as efficiently and effectively as possible while continuing to keep our customers satisfied.”

Union officials have criticized MPI for “stalling” in the contract talks. MPI has denounced the statements, saying they have been willing to meet on a regular basis with the employees.

General language in the contract has been evaluated, but economic issues still need to be finalized, including: benefits, wages, and job classifications. Desmarais declined to comment on specifics.

She says first contracts can often be difficult due to the amount of material that needs to be covered.

Both parties involved in the negotiations have called the talks professional.

No end date has been estimated for finalizing the contract. Around 200 employees would be affected once a contract is in place.