“Muffler Man” Statue Repaired Following Arm-Breaking Incident

MufflerManRepairAn iconic business attraction has been repaired.

Richard’s of Toto has announced that its 30 foot tall “Muffler Man” sculpture of a Native American has seen one of the arms put back into place. A new coat of paint has also been applied.

The fiberglass sculpture was damaged after two individuals were spotted on security footage standing on the sculptures platform and breaking the arm. The piece was found down the road from Richard’s of Toto following the incident.

The Native American sculpture is thought to be more than 60 years old. Richard’s of Toto spent thousands making the purchase and setting it up in front of their store location.

Shortly following the incident, Richard’s was searching for a fiberglass specialist to help make the repairs.

Richard’s of Toto owner Ed Ebner says that while he was hurt by the ordeal, he didn’t intend to increase security or lighting at the site.