North Judson Resident Explores Catholic Faith During Pope’s Visit


A North Judson resident had the opportunity to see a major world religious leader speak in Washington D.C., this week.

Kay Reimbold and her husband manage The Market in Starke County. She says she had a desire to explore her Catholic faith and upbringing by traveling to see Pope Francis speak during his tour of the east coast. The pope scheduled speaking engagements in Washington, Philadelphia, and New York.

Reimbold says she got to see the Pope speak while he was visiting the White House.

“We were on the south lawn with a lot of other people, but it was so exciting, it was a beautiful day and just to be there it was pretty amazing,” says Reimbold.

Reimbold says she obtained tickets through a friend who’s employed by the University of Notre Dame. The friend’s brother works for a Catholic organization in Washington D.C.

It required a bit of an early rise for Reimbold to obtain a seat at the event that was attended by thousands. But she says she was situated by the fountain on the lawn.

The Pope has focused his message on a variety of topics, including: immigration, climate change, and wealth disparity during his travels. Reimbold says there were certain words that stood out for her.

“Maybe his message that we are not to separate each other into them and us,” says Reimbolt. “And like we have these differences whether it be in our Christian faith thinking, or government, or global things.”

Travels for the self-described pilgrim did not end in Washington. Reimbold says she is traveling to Philadelphia to hear Pope Francis speak again.

She will return to the area in early October.