Oregon-Davis Plans to Minimize Spending

Oregon-Davis-Jr_Sr-BuildingThe Oregon-Davis School Corporation plans to work within its means to keep expenses to a minimum.

Superintendent Greg Briles says they don’t plan to raise spending next year, “We are doing everything in our powers to reduce our taxes to our community members when it comes to the school tax. Currently, we are at $1.04, and our goal is to keep it under a dollar moving forward.”

The School Board held a public hearing on the 2016 budget during Monday’s meeting.

Briles says this year’s enrollment is 606, surpassing the state’s projection of 590. However, that’s down slightly from last year at this time, when enrollment was 609 and students in kindergarten only counted for half a student, unlike now when they count as one. Briles says this year there are 58 kindergarten students. The corporation hopes a class that large shows a lot of promise for the future.