Park Board To Continue Discussions on Forest, Bass Lake Beach


The Starke County Park Board will pick-up where it left off during a meeting later tonight.

Park board members have found themselves in need of more information prior to making a recommendation on the study of marsh lands in the Starke County Forest. The forest is believed by the County’s Drainage Board to be the cause of flooding to neighboring land.

In order to determine fault, a study has been recommended, costing more than $5-thousand. The Starke County Park Board requested that more time be taken to understand the study and whether its needed before proceeding with a recommendation to the Starke County Commissioners.

The Park Board will also continue discussions with representatives of Bass Lake Beach and Campgrounds about the financial reporting and condition of the site. Park Board members have abstained from crediting the campground owner’s rent until financial reporting compliance has been gained.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 6:00 at the Starke County Annex Building.