Pulaski County to Implement Electronic Recording

Pulaski County CourthouseA Pulaski County government office is looking to implement electronic recording services.

During last night’s Pulaski County Commissioners meeting, the county Recorder’s office made a request to use “Simplifile” to record titles and other documents, digitally. Banks and title companies are experiencing pressure to provide their real estate services in a more timely fashion.

Recorder Christi Hoffa says she believes this is the right move.

“I think at some point in time, we could actually be pushed to do it,” says Hoffa. “I’d rather do it and be comfortable with it before we’re pushed and we have to do it.]”

Currently, the Recorder’s office only records documents in paper copy.

While not under legal requirements to make the change, Hoffa says that by implementing the solutions now, the offices in Pulaski County can be comfortable with electronic recording before any state requirements.

She says “Simplifile” can already be implemented using their current software.

“There is no cost. No cost at all to the county to do this,” says Hoffa. “Simplifile charges their consumers to send the documents on their behalf. So there’s no charge to us at all to do this.”

Plans call for only using the technology on documents specific to the Recorder’s office. Once electronic filing is working smoothly, Pulaski County could expand the service to other departments.

Electronic filing procedures were approved by the Commissioners, unanimously.