Solar Project Begins for Kankakee Valley REMC


Kankakee Valley REMC is planning to bring solar power to its Wanatah headquarters.

Construction recently began on the project with plans of providing renewable energy for its members in the cooperative. The solar project is anticipated to be operational by the winter.

432 solar panels will help generate .1 megawatts of solar energy. According to information provided by Kankakee Valley REMC, panels will be constructed in two phases. Each phase will consist of a different solar design. Educational purposes were cited in the development of the two different solar panels.

Plans are to allow memberes to buy shares of the solar output at a cost of $750. Up to 10 shares can be purchased at one time. Members will then receive a credit based on their electrical bill based on the shares of output purchased.

The solar project will be made available to area schools to provide students with hands-on learning about solar as an energy source.