Starke County Dems Move Coroner Caucus in Face of 10-Day Requirement

Democratic Party DonkeyThe Starke County Democrats will have to wait a bit longer to find a candidate to fill the role of Coroner.

Previous Coroner Adam Gray stepped down due to family and professional reasons last week. Jasper County Coroner Dr. Andrew Boersma was installed as Coroner in the interim.

Democratic Party Chair Kenny Wallace initially planned to hold a caucus for a new candidate on September 10th. He says there’s a 10-day rule that must be followed.

“We’re four hours short of the 10 days from when the resignation took place,” says Wallace.

Under state statute, 10 days must pass before a second candidate has been recommended.

Boersma has previously stated that his offices would do anything they could to help Starke County during the transition process. The office of coroner is required to receive training in order to adequately perform the duties necessary.

Wallace says new details are currently being worked out.

“The new change, I don’t have a date for the caucus, because I’ve got to get a place, and get it set-up, and get the letters out. Hopefully it will be next week,” says Wallace.

So far, two candidates have filed with the Starke County Clerk’s office to run for the office.

Candidates must file to run at least 72 hours prior to the caucus date. The new time and date will be forthcoming.