Starke County Deputies Arrest Sex Offender After Failure to Register

Starke County Sheriff's Department BadgeThe Starke County Sheriff’s Department arrested a known sex offender after he allegedly failed to notify the registry that he had moved to a new residence.

According to Starke County Sheriff Bill Dulin, deputies were on patrol around 2:45 p.m. on Monday in North Judson. The deputy recognized 25-year-old Bradley Austin as an active Sex Offender.

Austin was registered to an address in Hamlet, but officers were able to confirm a change of address for Austin to the North Judson area. Authorities claim the Sex Offender Registry Coordinator did not receive notice that a change of residence had taken place. A notification is required under state law.

Austin was taken into custody and is being held at the Starke County Justice Center on charges of Failure to Register as a Sex/Violent Offender with a Prior Conviction. Bond has not been set at this time.