WKVI’s Nathan Welter Pays Off Sports Bet

IMG_1844The North Judson-San Pierre High School athletic department is a little bit richer, and WKVI Sports Director Nathan Welter is very sparkly after yesterday’s homecoming pep rally. He’s a Knox graduate and made a wager with news director Mary Perren, a N.J.-S.P. graduate on the outcome of last week’s game. North Judson won, so Welter had to pay up.

First he served lunch to students in the school cafeteria. We’re told corn sales went up considerably as a result of his efforts. He also had to donate $25 to the school’s athletic department. Principal Annette Zupin accepted the donation during the pep rally. Afterward the big payoff came. First the senior cheerleaders sprayed Welter with water, then each of the four captains from the Knox game dumped glitter on him.


But wait, there’s more. Next Saturday Welter and Perren will be collecting donations for the Community Services of Starke County Food Pantry at Heartland Market in North Judson, and he still has to take her to lunch.