WKVI’s Sports Bet Food Drive Continues

Nathan Food DriveThere’s still time to make the Community Services of Starke County Food Pantry the big winner in this year’s Knox v. North Judson-San Pierre football rivalry. WKVI Sports Director Nathan Welter is a Knox graduate, and news director Mary Perren is a North Judson alum. Each year they make a friendly wager on the outcome of the county rivalry. Since North Judson won, Nathan had to dye his beard blue and host an hour-long food drive at Heartland Market, formerly Ray’s Super Foods, in downtown North Judson on Saturday. Thanks to the generosity of all who came out, he nearly filled a grocery cart and collected quite a bit of cash as well.

Manager Ray Wadja graciously agreed to allow us to continue collecting cash and food and toiletry donations throughout the week. The donation cart is to the left of the entrance and features a sign in the shape of a Bluejay head with photos from Nathan at the homecoming pep rally. The donation can is up front by the register.