Ancilla Announces Plans for Second Residence Hall

Ancilla College NEWLess than a year after announcing plans to build a residence hall, Ancilla College is planning to add a second student housing facility. The school’s board of trustees voted unanimously to do so Monday. The first one opened in August and is booked beyond capacity.

Ancilla President Dr. Ken Zirkle notes the dorm was built for freshmen only and says they will need a place to live next year.

Vice President of Mission Integration, Sister Jolise May said in a statement, “In the movie Field of Dreams the Iowa farmer says, ‘Build it and they will come.’ Ancilla built its first dorm and, yes, they came.”

Ancilla officials say the addition of on-campus housing has opened the private, two-year school up to students from beyond the immediate area. The school currently offers 18 associate degrees and 14 athletic programs and is working to expand those offerings. Visit for more information.